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NEIROMIDIN (Ipidacrine) - belongs to the group of anticholinesterase drugs. In a complex therapy Neuromidin enhances the sedative effect. The drug also has a cholinergic effect which results in attenuating of diabetic neuropathic pain. Neuromidin is recommended to patients with minor ischemic stroke and cognitive disorders. The drug helps to improve memory, attention and practical reasoning.

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Neuromidin is classified as a potassium channel blocking drug and acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. The effect of the drug is to impede the efflux of potassium from the nerve ending. Neuromidin enhances the effect of acetylcholine, adrenaline, serotonin, histamine and oxytocin on smooth muscles. Neuromidin improves and stimulates neuromuscular transmission, improves permeability in peripheral nervous system, improves memory.


Neuromidin comes in the form of tablets. Each tablet contains an active ingredient Ipidacrine (20 mg)
Treatment peripheral nervous system conditions: 20 mg 1-3 times a day. The period of therapy is 1-2 months. 
Intestinal atony (treatment and prevention): 20 mg 2-3 times a day. The period of therapy is 1-2 weeks. 
Maximum daily does is 200 mg.

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