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AFOBAZOL (Afobazole) 60 tablets x 10 mg

AFOBAZOL (Afobazole) - life without stress is boring. Positive and negative emotions make your life more vivid and broad in many ways. Ofcourse if this stress is under control. If you start to notice that stress and life pressure is getting to you then try Afobazol - the modern aproach to combatting stress. Developed by Russian pharmacological scientists in the Russian Medical Science Academy. Afobazol has a built-in unique deployment mechanism, which makes it cardinally different from anything else on the market. You will NOT experience any sedation, withdrawal or addiction symptoms.

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Afobazole is a modern drug developed by Russian pharmacologists .

Active substance: Morpholinoethylthioethoxybenzimidazole.

Afobazole is the original drug, which has a specific mechanism of action. Therefore Afobazole unlike other sedatives or tranquilizers for the treatment of anxiety. Afobazole has no inhibitory action on the central nervous system and is able to restore the natural mechanism that allows the nervous system to cope with stressful workloads.
Afobazole can reduce or eliminate the following symptoms of anxiety and nervous tension :

- concern
- anxious thoughts ,
- premonition of trouble,
- inability to relax ,
- nervousness,
- irritability,
- irrational fear ,
- sleep disturbances,

also conditions that accompany emotional stress :

- heartbeat
- nausea,
- excessive sweating
- dizziness,
- dry mouth .

Afobazol is a perfect for :

- For the young active people ;
- For the modern business women and men;
- For aged patients ;
- For those whose profession is associated with the risk of exposure to stressful situations;
- For those who want to preserve their way of life , but " hedge " against the destructive effects of stress experienced regularly .

Afobazole contraindicated in pregnancy .
Nursing mothers should stop breastfeeding at the time of treatment . 

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