Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Pain is a physical or emotional suffering, sensation, torture, disorder and opposition to pleasure. From medicine point of view pain is the reaction to painful factor(even or object that causes pain) This reaction is distinguished by the certain emotional manifestations, reflector changes in the functions of internal organs, neuromotor instinctive reflexes and strong-willed efforts aimed to the deliverance elimination of the painful factor.

Prolonged pain manifests with changes in the physiological parameters (blood pressure, pulse, dilation of pupils, changes in hormone concentration).

Despite pain causes suffering,it is the most important component of the defense system of human organism. Pain gives warning of tissue damage and the development of pathologic process. Pain is also the permanent regulator of homeostatic reactions, including their highest behavioral forms. However, it does not mean that pain possesses only defense properties. Under specific circumstances, pain itself becomes the part of the pathologic process,being more dangerous than damage that caused this pain.

Pain can be divided into acute and chronic. Each of these form is subdivided into several types according to whence:

  • Skin pain
  • Somatic pain
  • Internal pain
  • Phantom pain in extremities
  • Neuropathic pain

Among the adult Americans in 2007 nearly 16,8% desired to cure back pain ; 6,6% - neck pains; 4,9% - arthritis; 4,9% - articulate pains; 3,1% - headache and 2,4% attempted to manage the periodically repetitive pains.

  • Ketorolac (Toradol) 20 tablets x 10 mg, 10 vials x 1 ml

    You can always buy genuine Ketorolac at the best price. This medication is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent (NSAID), prescribed for short-term management of severe pain, usually after surgery that requires analgesia (pain killer) at the opioid level and free from opioid side effects. It stops the body's production of substances (prostaglandin, histamines etc) that cause pain, fever and inflammation.  

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  • ANALGIN (Metamizol sodium) 500 mg x 100 tablets Hit - 10 %
    ANALGIN (Metamizol sodium) 500 mg x 100 tablets

    Analgin tablets contain the active substance metamizole sodium, which treats pain medication (analgesics). Besides anesthetic, he has a temperature decreasing effect. Analgin be used for:  relief of moderate to severe pain of various origins: headache, toothache, neuralgia, neuritis, myalgia (muscle pain), trauma, burns, postoperative pain, phantom pain (sensation of pain at the absent limb), menstrual pain, in cancer, renal and biliary colic. to reduce the fever.

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  • KETANOV ( Ketorolac, Tromethamine, Toradol, Acular, Sprix), 100 tablets/pack, 10mg/pill Hit - 10 %
    KETANOV ( Ketorolac, Tromethamine, Toradol, Acular, Sprix), 100 tablets/pack, 10mg/pill

    Ketanov works by stopping the body's production of a substance that causes pain, fever, and inflammation. The primary mechanism of action responsible for Ketorolac's anti-inflammatory/antipyretic/analgesic effects is the inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis by competitive blocking of the the enzyme cyclooxygenase (COX). Like most NSAIDs, Ketorolac is a non-selective cyclooxygenase inhibitor.

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