Diabetes is one of the most widespread hormonal disorders on Earth. According to the data of World Health Organization about 100 million of people suffer from this sever disease. Diabetes occurs when pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin or human cells are not sensitive to this enzyme. To have energy our body needs sugar (glucose).

Most cells in human organism have insulin receptors on their surface. Insulin fits in all these receptors like a key, opening a lock. Glucose molecules penetrate the cells. These molecules fuel our body cells giving them energy that they need to work properly and repair themselves. Normally our body is able to maintain proper levels of sugar in blood and inside our cells. But in people with diabetes body cells stay locked and sugar can not get in to provide energy.

It causes too much sugar to build up in the blood. High level of blood sugar can lead to the common sign and symptoms of diabetes including losing weight without trying, more than usual urination, frequent tiredness, hunger and thirst, blurry vision, dry skin, tingling sensation in the hands, sores that do not heal.

Overtime high sugar levels in the blood lead to serious health problems throughout the body such as blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage (neuropathy) and sometimes even feet and hand amputation. In addition to these types of problems many people with diabetes have both high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

All of these increase their risk for heart disease. Heart disease occur when blood vessels in the heart become blocked by a build up of fat and cholesterol called plaque. Eventually a blocked blood vessel can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

  • Metformin (Glucophage) 500 mg x 60 tablets, 850 mg x 60 tablets

    Metformin is an hypoglycemic drug that belongs to a group of biguanidines. It works by decreasing the concentration of glucose in the blood through inhibition of gluconeogeneisis in the liver, decreasing the absorption of glucose from the GI tract and the utilization of glucose in the tissues. If Insulin is absent in the blood then metformin does not exert any effects. The drug stabilizes and decreases body weight.

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