Antiviral Agents

Antiviral Agents

Viral infections are treated by a special type of drugs called antiviral agents. Unique antiviral agents are used to treat different types of viral infestation. Antiviral agents should not be mistaken with viricides.

The largest quantity of antiviral agents drugs nowadays are made to fight the HIV or AIDS virus, herpes virus, influenza viruses, hepatitis A,B,C viruses. The effectiveness of some means are significant but some still need a more sophisticated approach. To understand how antiviral agents medications work we need to know the stages of viral development:

  • Attachment to a cell
  • Release of viral DNA, RNA or enzymes into the cell
  • Replication of the DNA which is done by the infected cell
  • Assembly of the virus
  • Release of the virus from the cell

The possible stages that can be affected by antiviral agents are:

  • Firstly before virus attachment when a virus is located in the intracellular space it can be inhibited
  • Secondly the phase of replication can be affected
  • And lastly the Stage of release is targeted.

Viral infestations are very serious and should be treated with appropriate antiviral agents drugs and should not be mistaken with microbial infection.

  • Amixin (Tilorone) 125 mg x 10 tablets, 125 mg x 6 tablets, 60 mg x 10 tablets  Hit
    Amixin (Tilorone) 125 mg x 10 tablets, 125 mg x 6 tablets, 60 mg x 10 tablets

    Tilorone is a low-molecular synthetic interferon inductor, which stimulates the formation of alpha, beta and gamma interferons. The main producers of interferon as a response for tilorone application are the cells of the intestinal epithelium, hepatocytes, T-lymphocytes, neutrophils and granulocytes. The maximum production of interferon is registered in 4-24 hours after Amixin application. The antiviral mechanism of action depends on the dose and is connected with increased formation of antibodies, decrease in the level of immunodepression, and restoration of the balance between T-suppressors and T-helpers.

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  • Aciclovir 20 tablets x 400/200 mg , Cold sore, Herpes Hit
    Aciclovir 20 tablets x 400/200 mg , Cold sore, Herpes

    Acyclovir is a anti viral preparation, synthetic analogue of acyclic purine nucleotide that possesses a highly selective action on Herpes viruses. Acyclovir exerts antiviral action due to the ability to fit into viral DNA and subsequent DNA blocks via inhibiting viral DNA- polymerase. Acyclovir is effective against Herpes Simplex type 1 and 2, Varicella zoster. In high concentration Acyclovir acts on Epstein-Barr virus.

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