Antimycotics are medicines which are used to treat: ringworm, thrush, athlete's foot or serious infections such as cryptococcal meningitis. Antimycotics can be obtained from microorganisms or through a synthetic approach. Antimycotics are divided into 2 groups according to the type of antifungal action: fungicidal(cause the death of fungi) and fungistatic(inhibiting the growth of fungi).

According to antifungal activity they can be wide(acting against the majority of fungi) and narrow (acting against the specific type of fungi) spectrum. Antimycotics are produced in different pharmaceutical forms such as ointments, creams, tablets, suppositories, shampoos and injections.

The most popular antimycotic agents are:

  • Ketoconazole
  • Klotrimazole
  • Fluconazole
  • Isoconazole
  • Oxiconazole
  • Nystatin

They possesses wide spectrum action, high efficiency and are harmless for the host.

  • Diflucan (Fluconazole, Trican) All forms

    You can always buy genuine Diflucan at the best price. Diflucan contains the active ingredient Fluconazole that belongs to a group of medications called antimycotic or antifungal. Due to inhibiting enzyme 14α- dimethylase Fluconasole disturbs the production of ergosterol that is essential component of the fungi cell, resulting in changing permeability. As a result the fungi cells become unstable and then die.

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    Nystatin belongs to a group of polyolefinic antimycotic antibiotics which are highly effective against yeast-like Candida fungi. The antibiotic possesses a double bond which exerts high level of affinity to the phytosterole structures of the fungal cell membrane, which in turn promotes formation of a channels which start the uncontrolled transport of electrolytes through the membrane cell increase in osmolarity leads to fungal cell death. Resistance for nystatin is formed slowly.

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